Meet the Team


It’s a well-known fact that good things come in threes. Think: primary colors, three course meals, Destiny’s Child (need we say more?) Three women also started AGF. They each come from varied backgrounds, but they all have the same passion to build a brand that speaks to their individual personalities and other women alike. Together they strike a balance of skill and expertise and also interests and obsessions that make AGF dynamic and multi-dimensional, just like you. 


Lauren Rote, co-founder is an LA native and former digital strategist and content producer for the world renowned VaynerMedia Agency. A committed plant-based eater and photography enthusiast, Lauren is also a beauty junkie and makeup enthusiast at her core.

Life Mantra: Be good to your body so it stays good to you. 

Get to know Lauren @lauren_rote


Lana Safoian, co-founder is an attorney turned entrepreneur, yolo-type mommy who always dresses up for Halloween and makes awesome memories for her two precious daughters, Isla (8) and Emme (6). Find her kickboxing or doing yoga daily for her physical, mental and spiritual health.  

Life Mantra:  Believe in humanity. We need each other; everyone deserves your kindness.

Get to know Lana @lanasafoian


Wells Butler, lead designer is the founder of the beloved lifestyle line, Primp. She honed her killer design skills at Rhode Island School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She’s a mom and a DJ wife and has been meditating since the age of 7.

Life Mantra: Trust the universe, stay optimistic, move mountains.  Repeat. 

Get to know Wells @xowellsxo